How To Edit the Course Website Taxonomy

Editing Terms

The website's taxonomy will inevitably grow inconsistent and will therefore need to be edited from time to time. Students tasked with this job can use the following instructions to perform this work.

Editing the taxonomy cosists of changing terms to ensure that the appropriate version is used (i.e. Poem instead of Poems), fixing improperly concatenated terms (i.e. Poetry, War instead of Poetry; War), or deleting terms that do not belong. The taxonomic terms should first be changed or deleted directly in the editing window of a page or story (click on the Edit tab under the title).

If you are charged with "gardening" the website's taxonomy, you will first need to browse through all of the content to edit the tags. To find all the posts, you can:

  1. Click on the "Next" or page numbers links (bottom of homepage) to go back through all the content,
  2. Use the "Recent posts" link (top right sidebar) to view a list of posts in descending chronological order, or
  3. Go to Administer > Content for a full list of posts.

You can then edit a post's tags by clicking on the Edit tab under its title or on the "Edit" link if viewing the Content or Recent posts list. Please be careful not to change or delete any content in the post itself.

Deleting Terms

You will notice that if a term needs to be removed altogether from the system, it will not disappear from the vocabulary indices (see navigation link above header) just by deleting it from all posts it's associated with. That means you have to remove it manually.

For example, to remove the term "Poetry; War" from the Categories vocabulary:

  1. Go to Administer > Taxonomy and click on "list terms" in the Categories row.


  2. After clicking through to the terms list, find "Poetry; War" and click on the "edit" link next to it.

  3. Once you've clicked on "edit," you can either change the term and save it, if you wish to do that for all items associated with it, or click on the Delete button. You will then be presented with another screen asking you to confirm the deletion.