Blog #2

 My experiences with my major started out with lots of reading and writing. Recently my experience has grown throught the use of technology. I never really cared much for technology, but recently my interests have grown. Technology is also becoming more world wide and the tool that people seem to prefer. Now I am simply following everyone else and learning to adapt with the changes. Only recently has the use of technology become of interest to me. I much prefer the literature side of english. I have done plenty of research when it comes to writing papers, but any research on my own I have not really started. I have used technology in many different ways. I have used programs like Wordle and Prezi to present projects and I have realized that there are a lot of different ways to look at literature through technology. English is not just about reading words on a page and deriving meaning from them. I am begining to learn that english can be changed into different forms of technology like video games. Many video games have a story and in order to finish the story you must finish the game. The more technology progresses the more I use it to think in new ways. The simplist form of technology that I use or rather many use is changing the way we write papers. Papers are not written by hand and turned in through chicken scratch anymore, rather we use programs like "Word" to write papers on the computer where writing is faster, easier to correct and far easier to read. The internet is also a great tool for pretty much anything. Why take all the time that is needed to go somewhere when all a person needs to do is Google it. Technology has become more a way of life than I am sure anyone believed it could be. My favorite creation so far is the e-reader. I can access books much faster and and download them in seconds instead of going to the bookstore or a library. 


As your teacher I must interject here that "just Googling it" is not in fact "all you need to do"! But the assumption behind that notion is interesting for the question of access, toward which you gravitate near the end.

Any kind of retrieval system depends on information organization to render its objects accessible. This is part and parcel of library cataloging, electronic text markup (for search engines), and of course database design, among just about any other digital technology-based system. These issues are comlex and interesting in the realm of archival theory, which we'll be getting into this semester.

Let's make you the "access" point person for today's discussion.