I chose to be an English major (and a Creative Writing minor) because I have always loved reading and writing, ever since I was really young. I mostly like to read fictional literature from a variety of time periods and genres, but mostly I like reading about adventure (for instance I love JK Rowling). That is the sort of thing I like to write about too. If I could be an adventure novelist some day, that would be my dream job. I am also very interested in other languages, so I am a Spanish minor, and I am also very interested in anthropology and learning about other cultures, as I have never traveled out of the country before and I am very curious about what I'm missing out on. I don't really think I have much experience with technology. I know how to do the basics on a computer and how to work Facebook and how to work my phone but I would say that's about it. Hopefully from this course I will be able to expand my knowledge of technology, and hopefully I will become a better literary analyst, because analyzing and interpreting and looking into the deeper picture is something I tend to struggle with sometimes. I hope to expand my literary horizons a bit.


We have a few aspiring creative writers here. This is great. As far as expanding your horizons about technology, I'd urge you to shift your thinking from "knowledge of technology" to "adventure in technology." We'll learn a few specific applications in this course. However, the more valuable skill is to gain a certain technological literacy, an ability to approach unfamiliar technologies with an eye toward what they do and how they can help you ask and answer questions. Learning how to push the buttons and pulling the levers will come much easier if they're helping you toward an end that's interesting to you.

Welcome to the course!