Rare Book Library presentation.

Dr. Erwing's presentation was impressive and the effort that go along such imp. project is owesome. But, some words mentionned might slightly raise our attention to a higher level of responsability that goes beyond preserving and scanning books; such as "institution's interest, institution's direction, selective process, no develope;ent collection policy, need to grow the collection within a historical context" and finally and in particular when the process of selection is focused on what work of a precise writter, the talk turned to the "the freedom of speech", "limit" and "something is damaging".I put these words together and I see it primordial to preserve a comprehensive global story of the History -that is better explained through les petites histoires- and not part of it, a so called -choosen part- based on which the next generations will build their own History. I beleive it is imp. to go through it all -even opposites- in order to establish our knowledge with the avalanche of books and journals that "beyond action and reaction we would establish ourselves" to the rest of the manifesto in Blast  

Of course our library is one of the best, Because, it is an impossible mission for one organization single handed to acheive such Moral responsability towards future scholars and intellectuals centuries later. I have no knowledge that one National/International library preserve the whole little stories of our present history for everyone everywhere at his/her finger free. If such digital library exists, pls. post us the url.