Versioning and Bibliographic Code

 According to the project's website, the Modernist Versions Project will allow students and scholars to "digitize modernist texts" and, if I understood it correctly, help "build an integrated environment for digitial ingestion" through this collaboration.  I'm interested to know more specifically how this project will allow others to add to the project.  Will the coordinators accept certain versions of a text and not others, or will they be as inclusive as possible?  What will be the guidelines for removing an upload from the project?

On her versioning page of X-Ray, Clement looks at the extant versions of the poem with "the published text."  Her versioning highlights the changes the poem (linguistic code) went through before it was published.  By ending with the published text, she understandably suggests that this text is somehow finalized and definitive.  I might be missing the point of versioning, but will the MVP allow versioning/juxtapositioning of multiple published texts?  This would emphasize the changes that the bibliographic code goes through when it's published.  

I went to a talk this weekend, where the speaker argued that a poem's original publication (a Frances E. Watkins Harper poem in a pamphlet) revealed its original purpose: contributing to an existing dialogue about abolition and slavery.  Dr. McGill, the speaker, argued that later publications obscured the poem's commentary on slavery by isolating it in a book.  Her argument seemed to juxtapose the two texts the same way versioning does.  For this reason, I'm curious to know if the MVP will allow multiple published versions of a text or follow Clement's model.