Reflection of the Archival Theory in the Return of The Soldier

“The archive's dream of perfect order is disturbed by the nightmare of its random, heterogeneous, and often unruly contents”.

It means the archive's perfect order can be disrupted by the irrelevant or unruly contents or data. It can disorganize an organised state and by messing up with the perfect order can lead to an imperfect state.  

Similar to this, In the Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West, the shell shock of the first world war disturbed Chris Baldry’s normal brain. It resulted in a traumatizing experience by the shock that he forgot all his present memories. The horrors of the first world war made him to forget his present identity. He only remembered his past with Margaret whom he used to love 15 years ago. The impact of war was not limited to only individual level, it extended to effect his surroundings including present relationship with his wife,  cousin and everything. He did not remember his wife, cousin or current life.That is why, it was said:

“ he’s not exactly wounded. A shell burst”(P.12). Only thing he remembered, was the past. In this way, it is similar to the archival theory.