Christina Massie

Christina is currently teaching High School in Queens with a license in English and Drama.  At her current school she has been teaching Freshmen English and has also been the grade leader, organizer of the annual project fair and two annual stage productions.   Last year her class published a book with the Student Press Initiative called What cha know about Queens?   The students worked on every aspect of publishing and interviewing to produce different aspects of their community in Queens.

Christina is getting a Masters in English because she already fulfilled her eduation requirements and wanted to  parrallel to what she was currently teaching.  Prior to teaching Christina worked as a Stage Manager for numerous theatres in the Manahattan and up and down the East Coast.  She was also a Floor Manager for a number of years for the Metro and FUSE Channels.  She had the distinguishing pleasure of working with a variety of actors. technicians, hosts and many different genres of plays and shows.

In her spare time she volunteers at the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy.  Seaside, a program at the stables, focuses on providing therapy for children ages 2 to 20 with disabilities.  The horses are an excellent therapy for these children.  She herself has learned how to care for and ride horses.  The entire experience is very rewarding.   This summer she is working with Celebrate Brooklyn in its 30th year at Prospect Park.   In addition, Christina  likes to vacation as often as she can afford, swim, read and go to the beach.