Elon Shore

Elon Shore is currently a fifth grade teacher at PS/IS 72 in the neighborhood East New York in Brooklyn NY. As part of the New City Teaching Fellows in Elementary education, he is teaching while working towards his Masters of Education at Brooklyn College.

Elon is interested in politics and social change. While recieving his B.A. in political science and a minor in organizational science at the George Washington University, he discovered a passion for social movements. From Ghandi, to Dewey, to Marx, to Seeger, to Beauvoir, these passionate writers  forged a life of work to the community. He works very hard combining this passion for social movements with his desire to understand his Jewish heritage. This exploration has led him to explore the writings of Socialist-Zionist writers as well.

Elon also loves to read historical fiction as well as political non-fiction. He plays the clarinet and loves to listen to jazz and folk music. He currently lives in Kensington Brooklyn with his girlfriend and a few friends.