Ashley Carlisle

Ashley Carlisle recently completed her first year as a high school English teacher with the NYC Teaching Fellows program, and is pursuing her M.Ed. at Brooklyn College. She obtained her Bachelor's in 2003 from McGill University where she double-majored in English Literature and Sociology. After a good deal of wandering across the continent (as well as a brief stint in South-East Asia), she finally decided that her high school English teachers had seemed pretty satisfied with their profession, and that she'd like to do that, too. She will be returning to Boys and Girls High School, in Brooklyn, next fall.

Ashley loves many types of literature, although she has yet to acquire an appreciation for comic books and graphic novels (much to her husband's dismay). At present, she is in the midst of a renewed obsession with Virginia Woolf (Orlando is her favorite) and Leonard Cohen (both his music and his writing). Ashley is also passionate about all styles of dance. She was classically trained in ballet from the age of four through eighteen, and continued performing, choreographing and teaching throughout college with Mosaica, McGill's contemporary dance ensemble. In 2005, Ashley earned a preliminary teaching certificate in dance from the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York City. She hopes to one day use this training with her high school students.

Ashley currently lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with her husband and two morbidly obese cats. Really, she's not kidding, it's a problem.