Daniela Perez

Daniela I. Perez is a M.A. English Teacher student at City University of New York Brooklyn College. Her interests are in the late 19th century and early 20th century American literature as well as Chicano literature. Not a fan of a perticular author, her favorite pieces of literature inclue The Awakening, Night, Always Running, "Daisy Miller," and

Daniela completed her undergaduate degree in English at California State Univeristy Northridge (CSUN) in 2006. Immedaiatly she began her California teaching credential program at CSUN unpon graduation. She completed the teaching credential program and moved to New York in May of 2007, beginning her graduate degree in spring of 2008 at Brooklyn College.

During her undergraduate program, she went on a student exchange program to Northeastern Illinos Unviversity in fall of 2004. There, she continued to work on her undergraduate degree and completed an internship at Maria High School in south of Chicago, where she worked hand-in-hand with her master teacher to develop curriculm for the remidal incoming students.

Daniela's aspirations are to work with underserved communities and open a charter school one day. Already having the experience of assiting with the foundation of a new charter school in her home town, Los Angeles, at Excel Charter Academy, she is even more dedicated to pursue her  passion and research a charter  underserved communities need.