Hilda Ronquillo

Hilda Ronquillo is an English teacher at JHS 126 in Brooklyn, New York.  Her backround is a speciality in renessiance literature.  Hilda holds a BA in English from Brooklyn College, and is currently persuing her Masters Degree in English education.

She first became interested in teaching English when her own first grade elementary school teacher had a huge impact on her and on what would later become her zest and love for reading. Hilda now looks foward to fostering the same enthusiasm for literature to urban city children.

Ms. Ronquillo has completed her first year of teaching English enrichment to her adolescent students. Her teaching goal is to encourage and create a respect and reverance for language, and the English Arts as a whole.

Hilda Ronquillo currently lives in Brooklyn with her seven year old son, poet-laureate in training, Gavin.