Gephi: The Little Review


My first objective was to group the dots similar in size together.  I discovered the vast difference in size between similarly related dots.  Death and decay (located in the bottom right corner), for example, are two that differ in size the most, but seem to be closely related otherwise.  Further investigating this oddity, I isolated the themes directly linked with death:


This produced even more surprising results.  Death has a stronger connection with greatness than with war, decay, senility, aging, or dissolution, which are all minor blips on the graph.  But, even this connection with greatness is somewhat inconsistent, as mediocrity takes second place. 

I felt the need to include religion, the lone strayer, in this model of death.  The theme seems appropriate with the topic of death, as even praise and memorial might suggest (but not necessarily require).  However, strangely enough, religion lacks a connection with any and all of these themes.