Men vs Women

I am having technical difficulties this morning with images. I wanted to compare the differences between man and woman in the journals. I thought it was interesting to find that men dominated in all of the journals except for three issues. I could not get the images to work on the journal to further my interest but I would like to go back and look at it later.

The three issues that woman came up much more than man were: 1.11 1915 -Feb; 7.1 1920 -May/June; and 7.2 1920 -July/Aug.

I also compared people and people sticks to the middle in between man and woman. In the majority of the issues men are spiked and women are not as high. As soon as the images are back up I'd like to figure out what some of the issues are about and why those three particular issues are focused on woman and the rest are mostly male based. 


There seems to have been a technical issue at the Brown library that prevented it from serving the images. You can download the PDFs and look at them, though, since they reside in a different repository. Off to a good start though. Let us know what you find when you get back to the magazine.