Life and Art


  • Most frequent: art, life, great, man, war
  • Most notable peaks: world, form, men, nature, new
  • Most distinctive: arghol, know, evadne, florence, black, war, blenner, crowd, multum, paintin

Interesting how it's about war, but life is a frequently used word, rather than death, which differs from the information we extrapolated from Little Review using Gephi.

  • Number of documents: 2
  • Longest word count: Blast 1
  • Highest vocabulary density: Blast 2



  • Most frequent: art, little, time, life, artist
  • Most notable peaks: painting, artist, la, life, little
  • Most distinctive: artist, english, great, modern, white, bestre, et, le, les, la

What does this say about the context?: Much like BLAST, there is a correlation between life and art.

  • Number of documents: 2
  • Longest word count: Tyro 2
  • Highest vocabulary density: Tyro 1