Araby Chivalric Quest

My map tracks the protagonist's romantic quest, beginning with his first social encounter with his object of infatuation and ending with the final destination of the journey--the bazaar.  The length of his journey geographically supports the claim that his excursion to the bazaar was indeed a romantic quest.  Before the journey, his life was played out in a relatively small, two-block area, but his quest expanded his radius from (roughly) 50m to 5 km.

On another note, this mapping project revealed how many real places Joyce references in his short story.  Although this is not entirely unusual for an author to do, it does make the story more realistic.  The more points I marked on the map, the more alive and substantial the story became to me.



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I like the way you used different icons to signify the types of transportation exchanges and methods (walking vs. train). Your lines show absolute direction from one place to another, though, which is not how the boy would actually have travelled. Do you think you would see something different if you mapped the route along streets and railroad tracks? Does that matter, or is it the pattern that makes the difference? What would Moretti have to say about this?