The Round Table or King Arthur's Feast

A poem by Thomas Love Peacock. It is a mnemonic devised poem that helps children learn the history of England in a satirical way. After all, Thomas Love Peacock’s well known for his satire.  I mapped only at the moment some of the places mentioned in the history of England. I still will have a lot of mapping to do. It is after all a long poem and many people/events are mentioned. The poem can be found in a link in my description for the map. Mapping in the way of the poem is interesting because it’s definitely a short history of England. It mostly has many events centered in England’s land while places not in England are far off. France and Palestine seem to be the only close places that are not in England. Mapping out this poem showed the distances of these ventures and I was able to see where they were located or at least closely located. 


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