I am English Major, Hear Me Roar

Not unlike many of my university friends, I came into college with a completely different major than I currently have.  I came into college as a Communications major, with every intention of becoming a broadcast reporter someday.  In high school, I was heavily involved in my school's journalism team.  We became a tight knit group and I was convinced that journalism was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. While decided what classes to take for my sophomore year, I realized that all the classes that I wanted to take were English classes.  None of the classes in any other major were as appealing to me as the English classes. 

Now, over a year after making that decision, I couldn't be happier.  Unlike a large portion of English majors, my parents were and are very supportive of my switch.  My dad was an English major, among other majors, in college and has found what he learned as an English major more useful to him as an adult than any of his math or chemistry classes.  I am of the opinion that being an English major prepares you for almost any career.  Being able to write well and express my thoughts clearly in writing is a skill that will take me far in whatever career I end up in.  

People tell me all the time that getting a degree in English is basically getting an MRS degree or even pre-unemployment.  But I have learned so much more than I would have in other fields.  I have learned how to analyze writings and read closely to glean from the text all that I can.  I enjoy learning different trends in writing and being able to categorize something that I read as Realist or Transcendentalist or Romantic and know what that means.  Most of all, I have learned how to study different texts and how to use those texts to formulate an argument and support my ideas.  

Being an English major means that I am not only learning skills that will benefit me no matter what career I choose, but I am doing it while studying things that I love, such as Shakespeare and Jane Austen.  Being an English major means that my learning is fun learning, because I can honestly think of nothing better than an entire class dedicated to my favorite author.