Visualization of the Little Review

The Gephi visualization of The Little Review was an interesting experience for me. I am not naturally a visual learner, so I was skeptical about its merits. I felt really apprehensive about dealing with a beta computer program that I ws unfamiliar with as well. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the lab. The original cluster of dots and lines was confusing and stressful, but when we began to pull about the different words and view their connections to each other, it began to make more sense. It was fascinating to see simple concepts, such as poetry, having so many connection in one issue. 

It also helped me to view the spreadsheet as I was working through Gephi. There was something about using a program that I was familiar with to help navigate an unfamiliar one that I found helpful. It also added a lot to my viewing of the site to work through it with someone else. Miranda Dabney and I played around with the site together because it was having trouble downloading on her computer. I think it would be really helpful in the future to do small group analysis of the different sections. 


It would be so fun to do a group analysis of this! I think that's a very cool idea, and it would be interesting to explore and see what other people could accomplish by exploring the program with you. Great suggestion!

I agree with Justin, doing a group analysis would have been a really fun project with Gephi.  Especially after having worked in a group using Voyeur, it would have been a lot of fun to experiment with Gephi in a group, with all the opinions and ideas from the other group members along with your own to further understand the archives.