Exploring Gephi and Understanding Technology

After a long process of trying and failing to get Gephi to work on my computer, I played around with the program with Brooke and found so many cool things to explore! The visualization of the different genres, themes, and various people in the Little Review and how they related to each other was really helpful! I'm much more of a visual learner, so getting to see the visuals of how they were all connected, getting to move around the nodes and spread things out more was really fun.  I'm really excited to learn more about the program throughout this class!

In my quest to learn more about technology, I enlisted my dad to help me figure out what was going on (one very great side effect of going to school 30 minutes away from home).  He's been my lifeline to technology for the last 20 years of my life, but even The Great and Powerful Computer Wizard Dabney couldn't help me install Gephi on my laptop, so we dug my old laptop up and were able to get it installed on that computer.  I still don't quite understand what Java really does and why it's neccessary, or what it takes to run a program like Gephi, but I'm very slowly learning.  This long and drawn out adventure of installing Gephi on my laptop has been very helpful in that quest to understand technology, maybe someday I'll finally get there. 


I can definitely empathize with you about the Java thing! And I thought it was helpful to see the connections laid out right in front of you too because they were not immediately obvious to me when reading through the journal at first.

I definitely understand your technology struggles Dabs. I call my dad for a lot of help with my technology issues too!