Thoughts on Gephi

While I still don't fully understand the program and probably never will, Gephi was really fun to play around with, and I actually found it easier to understand than some of the websites we've visited. I won't lie, though. At first I thought the placement of the nodes was completely random and had no idea what was going on. It was only when I experimented with coloring the nodes that I realized how they were related to one another. The layout and placement were extremely intricate, but I found that the more you played around with colors and themes, the easier it became to read. Obviously more general nodes like "poetry" were cluttered and highly populated while author's names were less connected. It surprised me that "death" was the most populated overall.

Once you understand how Gephi fuctions and how to best understand the correlation between the nodes, the program is a very helpful and interesting tool. I enjoyed using it.


Likewise, I throroughly enjoyed using Gephi.  The program was so different than other methods of looking at archives that we studied in class, but it's differences are what made it so much more enjoyable and educational for me.  I'm much more of a visual learner, so being able to play with the nodes and themes and colors helped to illustrate what was going on in the archive.  Like you, I was pretty confused at first, but the more I played around with Gephi, the more clear it became to me and the more fun it was to experiement with!