Though I haven't been able to do more exploring on Gephi since I don't have my own laptop, during the time we spent on it in class I was able to do a fair amount of exploring. It was interesting to see a visual representation of the themes in The Little Review  that we had discussed in class last week.  The visual map and nodes confirmed  that death was a key theme, if not the key theme of the magazine. Poetry and T.S. Eliot, not surprisingly,  in turn seemed to have a strong connection with the theme of death.  I also found it helpful to zero in on the connecting lines and their thickness or thinness. With little effort Gephi helped me see themes and connections that were strong in the magazine and also allowed me to see the smaller or more subtle connections and themes. I loved that Gephi provides this way of examining a large amount of text in the same screen view and offers a springboard for further study.