Voyeur Tools

Ì enjoyed Voyeur Tools but I found some things wanting in it. By far, my favorite feature was the word cloud; picking out information with it was straightforward and reminded me of Moretti's graphs in the distant reading piece. While the word trends tool was fun to play around with, I found myself increasingly frustrated with it. Instead of seeing the whole corpus represented and choosing a focus, searching the word trends had me wracking my brain to come up with combinations that would be fruitful or interesting. I did find an interesting spike in the use of the word "woman" in The Little Review's 11th issue (1915-02). When I went through the issue in the archive, I found a script with a character simply named "The Woman;" her name definitely contributed to the spike in iterations.

Voyeur Tools has already done a lot of the data reduction for the user, seemingly to the point of encouraging the user to do more additive functions ("oh, let's put 'violin' in contrast with 'music' and see how the relative graphs change"). It seems to me that it's far easier to miss out on interesting or important correlations with selective or additive functions such as this. Trying to guess at things (especially in using the various search bars) made reading The Little Review harder for me.



I think this is a really interesting point. I experienced similar frustrations with trying to find something meaningful to research.