Visualization Tools: Voyant

Using Voyant felt like using a more specific Google Ngrams. That's not a bad thing--or a good thing, at that, necessarily. It all depends on what one is trying to use the tool for. I enjoyed comparing word fequences in The Little Review, but I didn't feel as though I was gleaning much (if any) meaningful information, simply because I'm well aware of all the ways word frequency data can be skewed.

One thing I really liked about Voyant was the ease with which I could access the original text and the spots in which the words I searched for showed up. That helped to provide context that I am not accustomed to seeing with Ngrams. But in terms of analytical tools, I still prefer Gephi. But maybe that's still because of how impressed I was with Gephi's programming and manner of information visualization. (Our previous Manovich reading was rather enlightening on the matter of why Gephi might more naturally appeal to me than Voyant.)