Visualizing with Voyant Tools

Using the Voyant Tools lab to view The LIttle Review was another really interesting process for me. Again, i am not a visual learner so I felt that a lot of it would be lost on me. Some was, but I did appreciate the way in which we could view the relationships that different words, ideas and issues of the magazine fit together. It was especailly intriguing to view the word frequency through the context of hisotry. For example, the word war dropped off almost completely in 1918, just before the Armistice. Additionally, the word feminism was used several times in early issues of the journal and then dropped off completely for te rest of the issues. 

I think it would be good to do the lab with a more targeted goal. For example, if certain people were given certain words to research both in the context of the magazine and in the history surrounding it. I know that we were just playing around with it to familiarize ourselves. However, I think I personally would have gained more from the lab with a litle more direction. For instance, I learned that "burger" was not a slang term used in the early 1900's, but hamburger was mentioned in one issue several times. That's a fun fact but not super useful in understanding the actual journal and it's content.