Mapping Visual Themes in Araby

My map seeks to trace the theme of visual obsession between the boy and Mangan's sister in the storyline of "Araby." The map provides the physical locations for each time the boy references Mangan's sister in a visually romantic way. At each marker on the walking map I inserted the quote that carried this visual theme. 

In my second lab working with the map, I finished marking the locations in which the narrator visually interacts or thinks about Mangan's sister. I also added a picture to each marker of the location, but now in thinking about it more, I wish that I had also put in pictures that helped more with the visual theme that I'm tracking rather than just images of each of the locations. If I was going to work further on this, I think it would be interesting to attach pictures like that of a girl on the steps or of a market scene. 


This is an interesting beginning. Seeing these passages that represent visual imagery about Mangan's sister prompted me to imagine a number of straight lines from those points back to her house. Thinking what it would look like if all points of remembering her were mapped, I realized you probably wouldn't see any once his journey to the bazaar begins. So the pattern on the map emphasizes his forgetting of Mangan's sister as the quest is underway -- i.e. that he vacated his chivalric vow. I wonder what that says about the story's conclusion?