Map Revised (slightly?)

I traced the narrator's walk from the Araby house down North Richmond Street, North Circular Road, Summerhill, and finally down Buckingham Street. These lines are marked in blue. After that, the boy takes a tram across the river to Westland Row. Apparently I'm terrible at working Google maps because I couldn't find a tram, so I put him on a train starting at Connolly Station. That line is marked in black. Even though it isn't exact, the map marks (in general) how the boy reached Westland Row from the Araby house with limited directions. This time around was much easier because (even though I still suck at using Google maps) I did manage to actually make lines appear and distinguish the two from one another. So that's a plus!

Looking at the story this way is really interesting to me. I can imagine in my head where the boy actually walked and what a long distance it was rather than relying on my imagination. Oftentimes I'm frustrated when stories or books are focused on travels or a quest but don't provide you with a map (a lot of fantasy novels do provide maps, which I love). It was nice making one of my own and being able to relate that to the story itself.