Using Google Maps with My Favorite Book

I used Google Maps to map the locations, fictional homes placed in real towns, of my favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice.  I used points to show the different locations mentioned, with different colors representing different homes or towns.  I also used the map to show the probably route that Elizabeth Bennet travels with her aunt and uncle, the Gardiners.  All of the locations from their trip are in the same color of blue to show the route that they took.  Unlike in Araby, there are no clear directions in the novel as to exactly their path, but multiple cities and towns are mentioned that they stop through.  So, I mapped the towns and drew a connect-the-dots-style pathway between them to suggest how they might have traveled.  

Using Google maps to trace my favorite book gave me a whole new perspective on the story.  I had not realized just how far away everything was from each other.  When reading the novel, distance didn't seem to me to be an incredible factor.  I assumed that all the towns mentioned were relatively near each other location-wise.  I had no idea that Rosings Park and Pemberley were 145 miles apart, as the crow flies. I would have thought that they were much closer, seeing as how Darcy just shows up at his aunt's house because he wants to.  I would have thought that London would have been a bit farther from Longbourne than 22 miles, since the Bingley's early withdrawal to town created so much drama for the small town.  Using the map is a whole new way to experience the story, to learn more about what life was like for the characters.  I really enjoyed this project!