Amsterdam in The Fault in Our Stars

I mapped the destinations of Hazel and Augustus while they're in Amsterdam in the novel The Fault in Our Stars. I've mapped the airport they arrive at and leave from, the hotel they stay at, the restaurant they eat at, Van Hounten's house, the Anne Frank House, and the park they go to near the end of their trip.

I was surprised that everything was a lot closer than I thought it was while reading the book, especially considering that the time spent in Amsterdam accounts for 63 pages of the book, which is a little over 20 percent. Hazel has lung cancer and it is difficult for her to walk very far, so I knew that it couldn't have been that much walking, but I still thought it was more than it was. The farthest they went was to the Anne Frank house, which was only 1.15 miles away, and they rode in a car. To Oranjee, the restaurant, they rode the tram, and that was less than a mile away. The furthest that they walked was to the park half a block from their hotel. I thought it was weird to see how small this map really was because reading the book, it seems like they're going really far because so much happens in the time they are travelling, but they're actually not.