Lab 2/12

I was most curious about the potential political ramifications and biases that an archive may be subject to. So rather than if there are any biases, I decided for this excercise, to just ask where any biases manifest, just due to the nature of modernism.

For this lab, I put the June 1914 issues of Blast, The Crisis, and The Masses into a corpus and pumped the whole thing into Voyant Tools. By doing this, I hoped to examine the points of friction between the issues, and potentially examine potential political biases in modernist journal archival.

For starters, the word "like" appears with a higher frequency in Blast than the other journals, and the word links map has it connected to the term "God," indicating a tendency to compare people to higher beings, which furhter indicates a sense of superiority coming from the Vortecists. Meanwhile, terms such as "negro" and "colored" almost exclusively are relegated to The Crisis, highlighting the Anglo centric perspective of Blast and The Masses.