Moretti's Maps

Like Caleb, I found this chapter a little less illuminating and more basic. Moretti discusses what makes can do and how, like networks, they help reveal hidden connections that might be missed if the object of interest was not reduced. One of the things I found useful is Moretti's detailing of maps as flexible tools for analysis; there are a lot of methods for mapping, not just geographically, and Moretti notes that maps can be used to "prepare" works for analysis. I found this interesting as he seems to be entering into another form of reduction, similar to networks. His work with geographical mapping reminded me of our earlier lab with Voyant labs and watching us trace the historical data of the issues across each place-name that cropped up. This chapter particularly interested me since I share a love of geography and a fascination with maps... I cannot wait to analyze Dubliners and I wonder if this could fit into my final project somehow.