Gephi answers and pics p

1) Yes, I did notice a difference when playing with the system. Based on the magnification of focus, words would disappear from the word structure. I disagree with the structure based on level of importance of words. ‘World War I’ is the most important and should be in the center because it effects all the words around it more than any other. Even when the word may not be said, or said as much, it is implicated in other terms and phrases because it affects everything. When other words are used like death, memorial, greatness, etc. In the picture. However, all these topics point back to WW I as the instigator. This cannot be gleaned from the graphs, but only close readings of the material. 


2) Based on the running program for Yifan Hu, the shape of the diagram changed drastically. The shape changed into a kind of rhombus that kind of tilted from slightly northeast to southwest, with Memory of Gregory at the top. Mediocracy, world, and Death meet each other more often in the center of the shape, showing how often they intersect with one another. I find this image more in depth and able to read the author’s true intent by re-aligning words in a different structure, making them more ‘visible’, or in other words, more obvious.