Vorticism in BLAST

Vorticism is about rejecting Futurism but still embracing many aspects of industrialization. It also takes heavy influence from Cubism's structure. This piece's bold colors, rigid lines, and sharp angles all contribute to its Vorticism. As you look at it, you can find more sharp lines and edges which is most likely why it is name "Slow Attack." The blocks can also be seen to form winding stairs or buildings and furthering the idea of its Vorticism influence.


Yes, the line and geometry characteristics are elements of Voriticism's interest in industrialism. There's more to it than that, since the name of Vorticism is based on the word vortex -- a whirlpool or tornado, a circular storm that would seem to be contrary to the linear directionality of the lines you point out. Let's think about this in class today.