Advertisement Summary

   In The Crisis, the advertisement "Atlanta University Stuides of the Negro Problems" by A. G. Dill describes a book filled with several articles relating to African American life. This clearly shows that the audience was African Americans which makes sense since The Crisis itself is targetted towards this same audience. Even the surrounding advertisements focus on the same topics as they pretain to "Negroes in New York" and a novel by W. E. Burghardt and Du Bois. Publications included within the collection are listed below the bold text to draw in those who can recognize the authors' names. The design of the ad itself is standard with the bold heading to draw the eyes and other details listed below that heading. It is notable that the borders of the ad are less interesting to look at than that of its surrounding advertisements. It has the vague form of the book but the advertisement to the left of it is even more so. While the ad is formatted standardly, it heavily caters to the audience that would read The Crisis and that may be all it needs to draw in buyers.


This is a good description of the advertisements, using the elements of the page and typography to convey their meaning to the reader. Identifying the audience up front, as you do, helps to structure the summary. Remember to include the information your reader will need to look at the same material: issue date and page number (especially), but also volume and issue number.