Kodak Ad Summary

In McClure's Magazine, Vol. 17, No. 3, edited by Samuel Sydney, there is a two page ad for the Kodak camera on pages 47 and 48. The large size and relative simplicity of the ad draws the eye. The audience is drawn to look at the left side first, because of the more complex border and spacing. A picture of a lady in fine clothing holding a parasol is the centerpiece of the spread. Her picture is framed in a wreath of flowers, and the detail and framing means you look at her first. Right below her in very small font it names her as the Kodak Girl. Below that is a large, simple sentence - "Take a Kodadk with you" - that draws you due to its simplicity. On the bottom in small print is information on pricing and location of the company. On the right side, the first thing the audience sees is a proclamation in large, bold font on the superiority of Kodak products. Kodakery is in larger, orange font. Right below it in very small font it lists a little bit of information about the product and its film, but it still doesn't show very much. The same pricing and location information is on the bottom of this page as on the previous page.


This is a good description of the ad's elements, but lets pay attention to the attributes of sumary writing in the handout. Summary involves describing a piece of writing or art and identifying its argument or takeaway point. Who is the intended audience? What point does the ad seem to convey to that audience?

It would also be helpful to include the issue date, since that will mean more to a reader than the volume and issue numbers.