A Fire Truck, An Elephant, and A Hot Air Balloon in London

I mapped the climactic pursuit in G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday. The route begins in France and leads to the middle of London before finally exiting to south of London. Chesterton provides a lot of detail with streets and landmarks in his description, which I greatly appreciated. He also had a couple of discrepancies: he describes a French seaside town named Lancy, but the only Lancy Google returned is in the heart of France. Similarly, he describes traveling about five miles out of London to Surrey, but the Surrey that Google Maps pinpointed is almost 20 miles from their original location.

This map really illuminated the (literally) loopy route Sunday leads the detectives on in their pursuit. Though I've read Thursday multiple times, I was always more focused on the modes of transportation - a fire truck, an elephant, and a hot air balloon - than in the locations they traveled through. Seeing the map, but also seeing the neighborhoods they pass through, emphasizes the spectacle Chesterton is trying to portray. This was no side-street chase - Sunday's path passes through fashionable Hyde Park and aristocratic South Kensington. Navigating through these neighborhoods would have drawn immense attention to the group and further heightened the bizarre nature of their quest.

Mapping Araby

I mapped the pathway that the boy takes to get to the Araby bazaar.  Using details from the text as well as my own research to find more specific locations, I mapped out the trip that the protagonist makes going to the bazaar.  Each segment of his journey is colored differently to represent the walking, tram ride, train ride and final walk to the bazaar.  Mapping the route of this story was a really fun experience, getting to play around with google maps with multiple trial-and-error moments to learn how to use the map best.