Map of Araby

I mapped the route from the boys house to the Araby Bazaar. I find it very interesting to see how far he had to travel to get to the bazaar and how far he was willing to travel for a girl. I am not sure if I mapped the route 100% correctly, but regardless the overall journey was rather large for a young boy. Today, the journey may not seem so far, but I imagine that it was much farther in his time.

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I'm not sure about labeling the house at the blind end of N. Richmod street as belonging to Mangan, since the first sentence describes it as uninhabited. Still, this map makes sense. What's behind the percepetion that the trip is not as far today as it would have been 100 years ago? Is there a sense that the world is smaller, for some reason? How so? And how does the map allow you to draw such a conclusion?