Digital Archives

I truly enjoyed when the Werner and Voss article began with a comparison of both the physical and imaginative space that defines an archive. While most people picture an old library full of stacks when they hear the word "archive", that is quickly changing. I appreciate that authors and English critics are beginning to notice the change and acknowledge. It does beg the question, however, of how society feels aobut this change. Our generation is so accustomed to technology, that I don't think it's something we often ponder. Are we all okay with digitizing all of our archives? Has anyone considered the possibility that our internet system may fall, and as such, we would lose as many irreplacealbe texts as we lost in ancient socieites. I know that personally i resent the move to digital, yet I am forced to accept it because of the aid it provides to me visually. 

The Werner and Voss article also poses a great question about The Waste Land iPad app that I just studied for our wiki project. Would that app be considered an archive? It has all of the resources of an archive, but lacks the physical space discussed in the article. It is also an expensive application, as far as applications go. Is it fair to have an archive that is not accessible to everyone? I realize my blog post has raised way more questions than it answered, but that's just the kind of mood I'm in tonight I guess. 


I definitely agree that the iPad app could be considered an archive. I think that the collection of manuscripts and the various readings of the poem compiled serve as a fairly thorough archive for a singular work. I didn't even think of considering the app while reading these articles, so that's an awesome connection!

NB: Questions are good. Sincerely, your professor.

I enjoyed learning about archives and how the definition of the archive is evolving.  Before this class, I definitely thought of archives as being dimly lit, stuffy rooms full of old books hidden in the back of some kind of top secret government building.  I've enjoyed getting to learn what archives truly are and experience them in different ways using the modernist journal website and tools like gephi and voyeur.  And I totatlly agree that when Werner and Voss talked about the physical and imaginative space of archives, it helped me to better understand the vast meaning of an archive.