Elementary School Unit Plan

          My proposal is to create a unit of study of Modern Art before World War I for 4th grade. The unit will consist of approximately 6 lessons. The first lesson is intended to give students an overview of what modern art is, its characteristics, some of the artists of that time, as well as seeing what the students already know about the topic. The following lessons will focus on Realism (Edward Hopper), Impressionism (Van Gogh and Monet), Symbolism (Edvard Munch), Expressionism (Rouault), and Cubism (Picasso). Students will be required to differentiate between the different “isms” as well as identify artists from each different movement that we will study. They will be exposed to various artworks from each artist. After each movement is completed, students will create their own piece of artwork. In addition, a trip will be planned to the Museum of Modern Art. 

            I chose to focus on Modern Art as opposed to Modern Literature because art is better fit for the elementary grades. I would like to leave every class with lessons that I can one day implement in my own classroom.   Texts to use: Come Look With Me: Exploring Modern Art by Jessica Noelani Wright (for use with Pablo Picasso) What Makes a Picasso a Picasso? by Richard Muhlberger Eyewitness: Impressionism by Jude Welton

Your proposal for your Unit Plan sounds great.  I teach 1st graders and it was difficult for me to think of how I could use the information that we learned in this class and implemment it in the classroom for elementary school students. 

Your idea to use art is a wonderful way to bring Modern Art into the classroom for elementary school students.