Group 3 Proposals: Courtney, Eugenia, Lori

SNARK Magazine

 I'm in the process of creating an arts magazine called SNARK, which is a derivative of the adjective 'snarky' (or wiseass).  The purpose of this magazine will be to examine contemporary arts (books, theatre, art, and music) through a Modernist lens.  I''ll be incorporating several aspects of the publications we've examined in class.  For example, I will be the only staff member but will write under four different identities, which was practiced by various contributors to Modern mags, particularly women who may not have been published as women writers.

High School Unit of Study Lesson Plan

I am interested in designing a unit of study for this course.  I currently teach in an elementary school with experience in a first grade classroom.  Since it would be difficult to teach Modernism to first graders, I will create a ficticous lesson plan designed for High School Students.

My final project will consist of designing a unit of study for High School Students.  Students will focus on specific journals that we researched in class.  The unit of study will:

Elementary School Unit Plan

          My proposal is to create a unit of study of Modern Art before World War I for 4th grade. The unit will consist of approximately 6 lessons. The first lesson is intended to give students an overview of what modern art is, its characteristics, some of the artists of that time, as well as seeing what the students already know about the topic. The following lessons will focus on Realism (Edward Hopper), Impressionism (Van Gogh and Monet), Symbolism (Edvard Munch), Expressionism (Rouault), and Cubism (Picasso). Students will be required to differentiate between the different “isms” as w