Investigating the New Age

During the coming week we'll focus on how to read the "coherent and mixed genres" of an avant-garde magazine, The New Age, hosted at the Modernist Journals Project (MJP). For Monday (7/7), you'll read two articles by Sean Latham and Robert Scholes that contextualize the need within modernist studies to archive and research the magazines in which so many of the canonical works initially appeared. The general introduction to The New Age, written by Scholes and the MJP staff, highlights the practices and beliefs of editor A.R. Orage, exposing some of the literary values that characterize early British modernism. As you perform your own reading of The New Age, pay particular attention to what values are expressed by the various contributors and the various genres that appear within its pages. Do they share much in common with each other, or with Orage? Or do you perhaps detect a lot of dissonance? How do they "speak" to one another?

Remember: this week is about enhancing our close reading techniques of "mutually constitutive discourses," so absolutely everything literary and non-literary is fair game for analysis, including advertisements, reader correspondence, book reviews, and page layout (as we discussed re: Wyndham Lewis and Blast on the first day of class). 

If you have time, please use the comments beneath this post to jot down some of your observations in the magazine or to make connections to any of the scholarly readings we've looked at so far. This will help us generate some good material for discussion on Monday.

Have a great holiday!

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